A new perspective in order to mitigate the climate crisis

Now we stand at the crossroads and the choice is ours.

Here in the Finnish team, we have been thinking a lot about how to get a new perspective on this climate issue for our meeting in Turku this month.

In many places, great work has been done to raise the climate issue to the forum. It has been done good regional cooperation. All in all, in 2019, climate issues have come to the arena, both in the media, in politicians’ speeches and in commercials.

Many people are fully aware of the need to conserve energy, reduce consumption and convert food to plant-based.

However, this is not enough. We know that, too, and it causes concern and anxiety.

We need to make our whole system change. At the Turku meeting, we will focus on how we, with our library partners, could develop and bring about activities that promote political decisions and rules, which  make society more environmentally friendly.

For this task we have designed creative exercises for our meeting, we will listen a well-known Finnish scientist and Turku environmental activists, and exchanging ideas on what kind of concrete events we will be organizing during this spring.

We Finnish My Green Identity -team has been trying to gather a network, and now we are cooperating regionally with the city of Turku and also with Turku climate activists.

Nationwide we are cooperating nationwide with SITRA. 

Sitra’s operations are funded by returns from an endowment originally granted by the Finnish Parliament. According to law, the funds must be invested securely and in a profitable manner.

It is by  SITRA connection, in particular,  we Turku team have become convinced, that it is important to focus on big measures that require political pressure, not just focusing on the things we as individuals can influence in our daily lives.

Mari Pantsar is the director of Sitra, the Finnish National Fund for Independence. Since 2014 she has been leading the Carbon Neutral Circular Economy theme at Sitra, which aims to accelerate Finland’s transition towards a more ecologically sustainable, competitive society and create new economic growth from the circular economy operating models. She speaks strongly about systemic change, and wants to send us a letter, which I think is very important to read carefully before our meeting.

A letter from Mari Pantsar
My Green Identity Meeting Program

Raija Ala-Lipasti, Turku Women’s Centre, Finland
Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash


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