Happy Green Year!

With the year 2019 ending, let’s take a look at what the libraries accomplished just before the holiday season. The photos tell a colourful tale of ideas for sustainable Christmas decoration, as well as other great ways to meet the new decade with the wellbeing of the planet Earth on our minds.

Creative Christmas workshop  for families in Valmiera Library.

“In the Raisio Library we had a wonderful Green Friday on 28th November. It was a circulation day of electronics arranged with our partner EkOte (an ecological department store). Sakari and Susanne from EkOte also taught people how to make bio waste bags from old newspapers.” Eeva Kiviniemi, Raisio Library, Finland.

Klaipėdos apskrities viešoji I. Simonaitytės biblioteka in Klaipėda, Lithuania arranged a real Christmas events‘ marathon.

“This year our library emphasizes eco-friendliness more than ever and invites everyone to participate in this wonderful attraction of well-being” Darina Detolli tells.

”Each year different local organizations participate in this event by bringing their unique decorated Christmas tree to library‘s patio. In addition, according to the rising concern about ecology, this year we recommend to use environmentally friendly decorations, or at least – reduce waste and consumerism.”

Edukacinė Erdvė in Klaipėda also organised two workshops for families and children: Forest animals’ Christmas workshop and Eco-Deco Christmas decorations’ workshop. Participants made decorations from natural forest materials (cones, chestnuts, bark etc.) and some colourful felt.

A Green Friday meeting in Turku, Finland was first postponed due to a strike and then held on the 15th of December in Turku City Library.

“In the meeting with representatives from the City of Turku, we talked about the circular economy and different ways to fulfil it in everyday life. New possibilities were also explored in developing international collaboration and also how various national actors could work together more effectively. And of course, we talked about how to spend a sustainable Christmas. A rental tree idea as a good idea and partners’ good work was presented.” Raija Ala-Lipasti, Turku Women’s Centre.

Klaipėdos apskrities viešoji I. Simonaitytės biblioteka together with Edukacinė Erdvė continued their Christmas workshop marathon with a Ginger cookies workshop using cardboard as material.

”Sounds interesting but you should see this! The results remind us of real gingerbread cookies right from the oven. Therefore our advice is – use old cardboard to make cute Christmas decorations. We also had a workshop using old jar lids. This workshop gathered families to create jingling Christmas decorations” Darina Detolli tells.

Anete Bērziņa tells about the three green highlights in Valmiera Library (Latvia) in December:

“Creative Christmas workshop for Families – visitors to the library created decors from nature materials.

A wish tree / wall where everyone had a chance to write a wish for a better world or better self in next year!

Lectures and workshops on environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyles. The non-formal adult education program “Balanced Life: Environment, Human, Society” (six classes altogether, once a month in 2019-2020) is organized by Valmiera Library in cooperation with Valmiera City Municipality and supported by Nordplus international project My Green Identity.”

A green discussion group took place in Hiiumaa Library in Estonia on the 11th of December.

“We discussions on how to buy food with your own packaging, how to consume more economically at Christmas time and how to reduce your ecological footprint. The discussion was managed by Kristi who is also our project member and representative of the NGO V.E.S.T.A. We had a very varied evening and hopefully we’ll meet again.” Kerli Varrik, Hiiumaa Library.

And finally, the last event from Klaipėda Christmas events‘ marathon, a pre-Christmas workshop. ”What a cute present for a family member – family miniature resting in bed. We used different old textiles, acorns (with their hats on) and some other materials” Darina Detolli tells.


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