Green thumbs-up to Finnish media

One of the leading principles in project My Green Identity is looking at the flip side of carbon footprint and seeing all the numerous possibilities of sustainability. We like to call it “green fingerprint”. It consists of all the positive action – individual or organized – towards a more sustainable planet. We have decided to give “green thumbs-up” to various examples of constructive behaviour or action.

Media is a game-changer in all action against climate change, it has enormous power. That is why in Turku we decided to take a deeper look at how the Finnish media covers the issue. 

Workshop “Vihreä peukku viestinnälle” (green thumbs-up to media) was the first public event organized as a part of My Green Identity project in Finland. One Saturday afternoon in October we gathered together at Turku City Library, where Raija Ala-Lipasti from Turku Women’s Centre held a concise but very informative speech on the 2019 IPCC Report and its main concern, Earth’s hydrosphere.  

Ville Ala-Lipasti had looked trough some Finnish newspapers and periodicals for recent articles on climate change. They varied from editorials to interviews with experts and covered many different angles of climate change. We worked in pairs, reading a couple of articles each. We specifically looked for good points and fine pieces of climate change journalism, not for flaws – although there were a couple of articles we decided to set aside as not worthy of appraisal.

We discussed all the articles briefly and then started the main task of the workshop: writing thank you notes to the journalists and editorial staffs in question. In our letters, we told them about the My Green Identity project and thanked them for a job well done. We signed the letters with our own names and sent them off.

Afternote: Several receivers thanked for the positive feedback, being used to reverse reception to articles on climate change. 

Nina Huurrevaara, Turku, Finland
Photography: Ville Ala-Lipasti


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