Exhibition on the 2019 IPCC report

We decided to do a 3 panel exhibition in the youth corner of our Department of Literature in Foreign Languages. Each panel has 3 rows of posters – left side is information in Estonian, centre is for photos and the right side is the same information in English. You can see the panels here.

Each of the panels has the same logic: the left row has informative posters in Estonian, the centre row has photos (with references to photographers and/or websites/news outlets where the photo was taken from) and the right row has the same informative posters in English.

The 1st (green) panel has a quote from Ko Barrett (Vice Chair of the IPCC) on the first two informative posters. The third informative poster asks the viewer to take a look at the IPCC report. They can use the QR-code to access the report or (if their phone camera doesn’t work or they are not that good with using QR-codes) by entering the web address into their browser. The photos in the middle show the sitiation with the melting ice caps. The third photo is the controversial starving polar bear photo that stirred up quite an uproar because people assumed that the photographer’s (Cristina Mittermeier) aim was to show how current climate change was starving polar bears, without actual proof that this particular polar bear was starving because of this reason. The photographer clarified the situation later and explained that their aim was to ”take a photo that foretold the future.” In order to avoid controversy here too, we added that quote to this photo.

The 2nd (blue) panel has a quote about wildfires from the IPCC report on the first informative poster. The second informative poster asks the viewer to watch Annalise Davis’ video ”Help” – also available via a QR-code or a web aadress. The third poster explains that this dissemination is done as part of the ”My Green Identity” project and that it’s done by different organisations in Nordic and Baltic countries and that the funding is by Nordplus (big logo in the bottom). The photos in the middle show three scenes of wildfires – in California (USA), Obidos (Portugal) and Vikipalu (Estonia).

The 3rd (red) panel has another quote by Ko Barrett on it’s first two informative posters – about the way communities in coastal regions and faraway Arctic areas have to fundamentally change their ways of life due to the changes in the ocean and the frozen parts of our planet. The third poster asks the viewer to fill out a questionnaire (Estonian version is here, English version is here) about their feelings about the report and what they (or their local government) can or should do about it. The questionnaires can be filled out by anyone who has read the report – they don’t have to see our exhibition first. So I encourage you guys to answer the survey too and feel free to disseminate it among your customers and colleagues. We are planning to do a Facebook post about this on our library’s Facebook page and there we will also share the survey links. 

Kristel Palk, Tallinn Central Library


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