”This is not a one time thing, this is our entire future” – Greta Thunberg

  • Green thumbs-up to Finnish media

    31.10.2019 by

    One of the leading principles in project My Green Identity is looking at the flip side of carbon footprint and seeing all the numerous possibilities of sustainability. We like to call it “green fingerprint”. It consists of all the positive action – individual or organized – towards a more sustainable planet. We have decided to… Lue lisää

  • Exhibition on the 2019 IPCC report

    25.10.2019 by

    We decided to do a 3 panel exhibition in the youth corner of our Department of Literature in Foreign Languages. Each panel has 3 rows of posters – left side is information in Estonian, centre is for photos and the right side is the same information in English. You can see the panels here. Each of… Lue lisää

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